Nikita Gupta is an experienced mind/body wellness specialist.  Nikita’s mission is to facilitate the experience of growth and transformation for individuals through awareness, movement/breath, personal growth, and learning. Nikita is a health educator/lecturer at UCLA where she teaches, develops programs and mentors students. Her yoga classes and bodywork practice are based in the Los Angeles area.

Nikita has been practicing meditation and body-centered movement/release for 17 years, and continues to deepen her learning.  She brings a wide field of interest and expertise to her work, including Hatha yoga, Cognitive Theory, Health Behavior Theory, Tools for Conscious Living, Network Spinal Analysis, meditation, dance, holistic nutrition. Nikita is sensitive to others’ needs and aims to create safety, comfort and connection to promote healing and growth. Her style is warm, energetic, educational and professional.  Formal degree credits include a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) and current standing as a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT)!!!


Yoga and Body Movement

Based on the TriYoga method, Nikita focuses on proper body movement and deep breathing exercises that enhance one’s personal experience and awareness of one’s body.


Light Touch Healing

Light Touch Healing is a remarkable modality that directly accesses the nervous system, to elicit healing through body, breath and energy responses.



Coaching is a fantastic medium by which an individual can make intentional life changes in a way that is fun, easeful, and loving. Nikita specializes in a series of coaching practicum.


Health Education

As a health education professional, Nikita offers a variety of health education resources designed to promote health and wellness through different series of programs and workshops.



Nikita Gupta is a well-establish wellness practitioner that believes that one can reach optimal health and wellness through proper focusing on the body, mind and spirit.


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