Nikita Gupta is an experienced teacher and healer in Los Angeles who works with a wide-range of individuals and groups to partner with them in a commitment to experience greater authenticity and well-being. She works with many practices that include energy management, mindful awareness, yoga movement/breath, spiritual life coaching, and inspired-learning.

Nikita has been practicing meditation and body-centered movement/release for over 22 years. She brings a wide field of interest and expertise to her work, including Hatha yoga, Cognitive Theory, Health Behavior Theory, Tools for Conscious Living, Network Spinal Analysis, meditation, somatic release, dance, and holistic nutrition. Nikita’s style is warm, energetic, educational and professional. In addition to her yoga classes, workshops, and spirit coaching practice, Nikita is a health educator/program director at a university where she teaches, develops programs and mentors students. Formal degree credits include a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with CHES license, and current standing as a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT). In addition, Nikita is certified in Trauma-Informed yoga, and has completed over 200-hours of life coach training.


Yoga and Body Movement

Based on the TriYoga method, Nikita offers education on restorative body movement and deep breathing exercises that enhance one’s personal experience and awareness of the body.


Wellness Education/


As a health professional, Nikita works with various organizations to offer a variety of unique wellness promotion services, including lectures/workshops, curriculum development, and consultation. Learn more…


Somatic Spark© Coaching

The body is an incredible instrument that is communicating to our consciousness all the time. Through Somatic Spark Coaching, wake up the guidance of your body and your intuition with practical strategies to enhance health, energy levels, satisfaction and inspiration toward life.


Light Touch Healing

Through this healing modality, unlock patterns within the nervous system/physical body and re-train the brain with updated strategies for managing stress as it moves through the body system.



Nikita Gupta is a well-established teacher and healer who is committed to promoting ways to tap into our innate aliveness and experience life to the fullest.


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