Nikita Gupta

Light Touch Healing

Activate Your Body’s Own Healing Mechanisms Through Light Touch

As a human being, you have an intricate nervous system that is highly sensitive to the environment. The environment includes the physical, emotional and spiritual space that you engage with day-to-day. Your body’s way of interpreting your experiences through the nervous system occurs in the form of emotions, sensations, and thoughts. These inner experiences have a biological component which if not discharged appropriately over time, can cause a build-up in your body system, potentially leading to physical, emotional and spiritual malfunction, stagnation or dissatisfaction.

Light Touch Healing is one contemporary modality for healing that accesses your nervous system to elicit healing through body, breath and energy responses. During a 45-50 minute session, your body will be positioned horizontally and face-down on a massage or chiropractic table.

 You can relax as light (split-second) contacts are delivered to the spine at key places on the neck and/or base of the spine (sacrum) using the hands or fingers. These contacts send “signals” into the nervous system, cuing the brain to release tension in the body and spine, and increase both breath flow and the movement of energy/chi.


Each session teaches your sub-conscious or animal part of the brain to re-form ineffective patterns in your inner physical and mental posturing. This “entrainment” continues between sessions as your body learns a new language for discharging stress. Over time, Light Touch Healing relinks the connections between body, mind and spirit toward a magically expansive experience of holistic well-being.


Physical Benefits

  • Decrease body pain
  • Decrease shoulder and neck pain
  • Ease jaw tension
  • Increase breath flow
  • Relieve headaches and back tension
  • Discharge stress through your spine and central nervous system
  • Decrease muscle tension
  • Increase feeling of being at home in your body

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Gently unlock emotions that are stuck in your body
  • Increase emotional intelligence and fortitude
  • Heal from burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Reduce the experience of being drained
  • Increase empathy management

Spiritual Enrichment

  • Increase your authentic connection to self
  • Enhance your sense of well-being
  • Clarify life direction and values
  • Access your body wisdom and institution
  • Increase life energy (chi or prana)
  • Activate spiritual principles of creation, sustaining and transformation
  • Increase feeling of expansion and aliveness

Mental Clarity

  • Improve your outlook on life
  • Clear mental static
  • Re-wire negative thinking habits
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Enhance growth-mindset

What my students have to say.

Nikita’s Light Touch treatment is a truly amazing therapy. The techniques are simple yet powerful– she awakens the nervous system with precise and light touches (while tracking the clients breath through the body) to the spinal area and allows the patients body to automatically correct itself. Perhaps the most amazing thing about having a session with Nikita is that you continue to feel the effects for several days afterwards. I have experienced corrections in my posture, emotional releases and symptomatic relief (aches and pains that go away) in the days following my Light Touch treatments. She also brings her expertise as a wellness counselor and yoga teacher, and I have often been given stretches to do in order to facilitate the healing work and I have found these to be extremely effective as well. I would recommend sessions with Nikita to anyone.

—Tom M., Client, Musician and Healer

Thank you, Nikita for the beauty that you are (and encourage in the rest of us) so freely, gently and knowingly. I appreciate you and am very much enjoying our work together. Thank you for helping me to notice, embrace, allow and encourage the physical and emotional openings, movement, balance and sense of well being. Thank you.

—Hanna L., Client

My life has changed since I did the session with you. I’m sleeping and eating better. I’m drinking actual water and not craving coffee (some days I forget to drink coffee altogether!) My skin is clearer. My body is moving better (inside and out – no more feeling “stuck”) and feeling stronger in class. My energy is through the roof. I’ve woken up every morning at 5:45 to run a mile and do a mini work out (to reach my fitness goal. I want to do a handstand! Haha). Even my dog’s behavioral problems are going away because he’s not picking up my nervous energy on walks. I’m eating breakfast every day. There are healthy snacks all over my house and office. My house is clean, my bills are paid. I bought cute office organizing stuff and cleaned up the cluttered mail table in my apartment. I spring cleaned my whole bedroom AND organized my closet. My laundry is not overflowing. My floors are swept and there is not pet hair all over my house. My mood is stable. My work is flowing and my stress is miraculously low even though I’m quite literally understaffed and taking on so many stressful tasks. My hair looks great! Haha. All the little things and big things that cumulatively were keeping me stuck have literally disappeared… ….It’s been a dramatic change, and it doesn’t feel like a fluke. It doesn’t feel forced. It feels like it’s already habit, but it’s only been a few weeks. Justin came home and barely recognized me. I feel like a living human again.

—Sara S., Client – Therapist

Thank you so much for all of your love and support this year! You are truly such a beautiful person inside and out. I will never forget how loved, appreciated, and validated you have always made me feel. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to not be perfect all the time. Thank you for listening and really hearing me when I speak, or even when I don’t stay anything at all.

— Morgan P., Client