Yoga for Healing Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma

Moving the body while breathing deeply enhances health and well-being in significant ways. If you experience pain (whether due to trauma or stress), imbalance in your well-being, an overactive mind, restlessness, anxiety, or emotional overwhelm, this healing strategy can be immediately effective for you.

The many benefits of combining slow-paced body movement with deep breathing include;

  • Increase stamina in your daily activities
  • Reduce/eliminate body pain and discomfort
  • Safely heal/release trauma stored in the body non-verbally
  • Increase ability to relax
  • Learn to re-center yourself in times of high stress
  • Enhance capacity to breathe
  • Develop a vocabulary for understanding the cues that come from within your body
  • Deepen flexibility and openness in the body, mind and emotions
  • Develop core strength, mentally and physically
  • Re-train the nervous system so that you automatically manage stress better
  • Learn how to be present on and off the mat

About the TriYoga method: Derived from traditional hatha yoga poses, the movements flow from one to the next, with attention given to both the pose and the transition between poses. The body learns fluidity through repeated sequences, initiated by wave-like movements in the spine. The speed is slow, and the body moves according to the pacing of deep abdominal breaths.

While practicing centered-ness and presence, we spend significant time being in deep hip opening stretches. This lets the individual become comfortable with experiencing stored tension (which also includes accumulated thought and emotional energy). Over time, the body starts to release this tension permanently. With new openness in the legs, hips, spine, shoulders comes a more connected experience to life — since life is experienced through our bodies! Deep core strengthening opportunities are built into the slow moving sequences, as the individual learns to ignite muscle strength from inside out, thus building palpable confidence and stability in the body structure.

How can I learn this healing movement?

Contact Nikita for different opportunities to experience restorative yoga sessions in the form of private or group classes, workshops, online videos and more.