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Welcome, I'm Nikita.

As a passionate and dedicated educator, program director, mentor and resilience expert, my mission is to inspire individuals and groups to enhance their ability to thrive.

I have been practicing and applying resilience-based approaches for over 22 years, utilizing many perspectives including energy management, mindful awareness, yoga movement/breath, coaching, and inspired-learning. I bring a wide field of interest and expertise to my work, including Hatha yoga, Cognitive Reappraisal, Health Behavior Theory, Network Spinal Analysis, art, trauma-informed approaches to healing, meditation, somatic release, dance, and holistic nutrition.

My formal degree credits include a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with CHES license, and current standing as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Certified Life Coach.

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Live the process. Embrace the journey.

Resilience Coaching

Through one-on-one or group Resilience Coaching sessions, enhance your ability to thrive through life’s challenges and experience greater health, satisfaction, aliveness, and inspiration toward life.


Yoga For Healing

Based on a healing system of yoga movement, I offer trainings and retreats featuring restorative body movement and deep breathing exercises for healing, stress relief, and well-being.


Light Touch Healing

Through this healing modality, unlock patterns within the nervous system/physical body and re-train the brain with updated strategies for managing stress as it moves through the body system.



There is nothing more powerful than a shared experience.

Allow me to help you on your journey.

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