Client Testimonials

“Her yoga classes are the best that I ever have had. The Triyoga approach is very healing for my spine, and Nikita’s kind and supportive teaching style made it a very positive experience for the body, mind and soul. Miracles happen during the light touch therapy! I would go into a session with a stiff and aching neck, but was able to turn my neck widely after the session without any pain. I believe, Nikita is a healer! Nikita was also very flexible and accommodated the sessions to our needs: My husband and I were having joint sessions with her.  I recommend Nikita’s work very much!”

Prisca G.Client

“Thank you, Nikita for the beauty that you are (and encourage in the rest of us) so freely, gently and knowingly.  I appreciate you and am very much enjoying our work together.  Thank you for helping me to notice, embrace, allow and encourage the physical and emotional openings, movement, balance and sense of well being.  Thank you.”

Hanna L. Client

“My life has changed since I did the session with you.

I’m sleeping and eating better. I’m drinking actual water and not craving coffee (some days I forget to drink coffee altogether!) My skin is clearer. My body is moving better (inside and out – no more feeling “stuck”) and feeling stronger in class. My energy is through the roof. I’ve woken up every morning at 5:45 to run a mile and do a mini work out (to reach my fitness goal. I want to do a handstand! Haha). Even my dog’s behavioral problems are going away because he’s not picking up my nervous energy on walks. I’m eating breakfast every day. There are healthy snacks all over my house and office. My house is clean, my bills are paid. I bought cute office organizing stuff and cleaned up the cluttered mail table in my apartment. I spring cleaned my whole bedroom AND organized my closet. My laundry is not overflowing. My floors are swept and there is not pet hair all over my house. My mood is stable. My work is flowing and my stress is miraculously low even though I’m quite literally understaffed and taking on so many stressful tasks. My hair looks great! Haha.

All the little things and big things that cumulatively were keeping me stuck have literally disappeared…

….It’s been a dramatic change, and it doesn’t feel like a fluke. It doesn’t feel forced. It feels like it’s already habit, but it’s only been a few weeks. Justin came home and barely recognized me. I feel like a living human again.”

Sara S.Client

“Nikita’s Light Touch treatment is a truly amazing therapy.  The techniques are simple yet powerful– she awakens the nervous system with precise and light touches (while tracking the clients breath through the body) to the spinal area and allows the patients body to automatically correct itself.  Perhaps the most amazing thing about having a session with Nikita is that you continue to feel the effects for several days afterwards.  I have experienced corrections in my posture, emotional releases and symptomatic relief (aches and pains that go away) in the days following my Light Touch treatments.  She also brings her expertise as a wellness counselor and yoga teacher, and I have often been given stretches to do in order to facilitate the healing work and I have found these to be extremely effective as well.  I would recommend sessions with Nikita to anyone.”

Tom M.Client, Musician and Healer

“I literally could not have survived the past two years were it not for Nikita’s yoga classes and light touch healing. After a long and successful career in public education at the secondary level, I suddenly encountered age discrimination workplace bullying by my new boss. I suffered from constant headaches and my blood pressure shot up from 110/60 to 155/70. I lived in a constant state of panic which would have been unsustainable were it not for Nikita’s intervention. During her Saturday morning yoga classes I was able to experience a sense of peace unattainable during the work week. Her kind, positive comments and wise soul provided a life-line. Several sessions of light touch healing produced amazing release from headaches and tension through my neck and back. I left both her yoga and massage therapy sessions feeling that I could get back in the ring and fight for my self-confidence. The happy news is that the administrator moved on this year and was replaced by a kinder, gentler, more effective person. However, had it not been for Nikita I would not have my job today.”

Penny B., age 72Client