Light Touch Healing

Light touch healing is a remarkable modality that directly accesses the nervous system, to elicit healing through body, breath and energy responses.

During a session the body is positioned horizontally and face-down on a specifically designed table. The client relaxes as light (split-second) contacts are delivered to the spine at key places on the neck and/or base of the spine (sacrum) using the hands/fingers. These contacts send “signals” into the nervous system, cuing the brain to release tension in the body and spine, and increase both breath flow and the movement of energy/chi.

Clients can have a range of experiences post-session, including healing of physical pain, relaxation, more breath, emotional release, clarity, expansion, and greater aliveness. This method addresses acute situations as well as chronic patterns of tension.

In addition, each session is educational, in that it teaches the unconscious part of the brain to self-correct ineffective patterns in posturing. This “training” continues in the time between sessions. Clients start to notice and experience an automatic adjustment of the posture (along with mood and perspective) in the course of the day. The health benefits are multi-fold, ultimately enhancing well-being on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Session length is 30-45 minutes. Please contact Nikita for more information and to schedule a session.

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