Thriving on Campus Training Program/Resilience Workshops

Read more about the innovative and cutting-edge Thriving_on_Campus_Training_Program and Resilience Workshops for professional staff, faculty, and students.

Please contact me if you or your organization/group are interested in the following wellness education opportunities:

  • Consultation on wellness-based curricula for high school youth and college-age young adults, including specialized groups such as foster youth
  • Consultation/Coaching on strategies for wellness for businesses, families, and individuals
  • Consultation on running a successful wellness program in various business environments
  • Consultation/editing related to educational materials, newsletters, handouts/worksheets, teaching manuals, curriculum design
  • Workshops or lectures on wellness-based strategies for energy management, self-care, coaching and mentorship, meditation/mindfulness, body movement/yoga, communication and relationships

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Self-Care for Service Providers/Empaths
  • Energy Management for Success
  • Thriving Beyond Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
  • Working with your Nervous System to Manage Stress
  • Cognitive Strategies for Building Self-Esteem
  • Healing Spaces and Social Justice
  • Cultural Humility as a Foundation for Partnership
  • Promoting Growth Mindset
  • Trauma-Informed Approaches to Working with Individuals
  • Taking Yoga Practice Off the Mat and Into Your Day
  • Navigating in Interpersonal Relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence and Communication
  • Creating Opportunities for Team Wellness in the Workplace
  • Coaching and Leadership in Educational Spaces
  • Others as envisioned

Organizations that Nikita has worked with include…

  • College of the Canyons
  • Wartburg College
  • Rio Hondo Community College
  • Cal State Northridge
  • Cal State Fullerton
  • Western Michigan University
  • Norco Community College
  • Chinese International High School Students 
  • Educating Young Minds
  • Yoga as Healing for Survivors of Trauma
  • University of California at Los Angeles 
  • California Council of Cultural Centers in Higher Education 
  • Southern California Higher Education Foster Youth Consortium 
  • Pacifica Christian High School
  • United Friends of the Children 
  • The Painted Brain
  • YMCA
  • Motor Avenue Farmer’s Market
  • The Gateway
  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation
  • SAHARA (South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency)