Resilience Coaching

With Resilience Coaching, enhance your ability to thrive through life’s challenges and experience greater health, satisfaction, aliveness, and inspiration toward life.

Nikita works with all individuals, and is particularly sensitive to the following:

  • Diverse college students navigating the transition to adulthood, especially during uncertain times
  • Organizations and colleges who are concerned about the resilience and well-being of there staff and constituents
  • Professional women of color navigating career and personal life
  • Service Providers (such as educators, therapists, mentors, community-builders, social workers, etc.) who face compassion fatigue and burn-out
  • Empaths who find themselves giving too much
  • Healers and yoga teachers who want to be successful in their craft
  • People experiencing chronic pain (physical or emotional)
  • Individuals wanting to align with purpose in an uncertain world
  • How your social identities (such as gender, cultural background, social class, sexual orientation, etc.) impact your day-to-day experiences, and why it matters
  • Growing self-compassion
  • Healing trauma
  • Navigating family/relational dynamics and co-dependency
  • Thriving through life transitions
  • Building self-confidence

How Coaching with Nikita Works

Nikita offers one-on-one individual or group coaching sessions for 50-60 min per session. Sessions can be conducted over the phone, Skype, Face time or Google Hangout. To find out more about the different coaching packages that she offers, please contact Nikita.