About Nikita

Nikita Gupta is a passionate and dedicated educator, program director, mentor and resilience expert in Los Angeles whose mission is to inspire individuals and groups to enhance their ability to thrive.

Nikita has been practicing and applying resilience-based approaches for over 22 years, utilizing many perspectives including energy management, mindful awareness, yoga movement/breath, coaching, and inspired-learning. She brings a wide field of interest and expertise to her work, including Hatha yoga, Cognitive Reappraisal, Health Behavior Theory, Network Spinal Analysis, art, trauma-informed approaches to healing, meditation, somatic release, dance, and holistic nutrition.

Nikita’s style is warm, energetic, educational and professional. In addition to her yoga classes, workshops, and Somatic Spark coaching practice, Nikita is a professional lecturer, educator and program consultant who works with educational institutions and service-based organizations to support them in their efforts to reach holistic success markers.  Some of the diverse groups that Nikita has offered her support to include foster youth, survivors of gender-based violence, service organizations, and community centers. In addition, Nikita facilitates healing spaces in various institutional and wellness settings to encourage growth, healing and empowerment for the individual, community and culture.  Formal degree credits include a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with CHES license, and current standing as a Certified Yoga Teacher and Success Coach.