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A Little More About Me

My style is warm, energetic, educational and professional.

In addition to my yoga classes, workshops, and Somatic Spark coaching practice, I’m a professional lecturer, educator and program consultant who works with educational institutions and service-based organizations to support them in their efforts to reach holistic success markers. Some of the diverse groups that I have offered my support to include foster youth, survivors of gender-based violence, service organizations, and community centers. In addition, I facilitate healing spaces in various institutional and wellness settings to encourage growth, healing and empowerment for the individual, community and culture. My formal degree credits include a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with CHES license, and current standing as a Certified Yoga Teacher and Success Coach.

My Mission

Through various modalities that I have studied and practiced, my personal mission is to:

  • Understand and promote a conscious process of energy management, for sustained wellness.
  • Facilitate reconnection to our bodies, with conscious breath, physical release and awareness.
  • Build simple breath, movement and cognitive practices into each and every day that support health and well-being.
  • Promote multiple strategies that help to successfully manage energy.
  • Warmly support individuals in experiencing a progressive, easeful, and magical life.

On A Personal Note

I have pondered the nature of my/our existence since I was a little girl.

I learned that in this world where there are many shadows, we must continue to choose the light, each and every day. Then the world becomes wildly magical. I am driven to explore how to stay connected to spirit and freedom while being in the parameters of a time-space reality. I explore this work within myself and in my connections with others, as we all constantly navigate transition — growth, death, and renewal. May this work individually render us deeply satisfied, and collectively fill the world with light.

We are destined to live an embodied life…Somatic work begins with discovering our individual patterns of self use and the emotional body states that give us a primary reality.


With this self knowledge, we learn to grow an interior presence, to be grounded in ourselves and to sustain our process in relationship to others. Growing ourselves, then, is not a state of mind but a state of the somatic entity.


— Stanley Keleman

Allow me to help you on your journey.

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